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West Louisville Dental Center
2500 West Broadway
Louisville, KY 40211



Are you thinking about making an appointment? You may be hesitating unnecessarily, even if some time has passed since your last appointment.

It’s easy! Please telephone the office at 502-776-1754 or 502-775-8446
or come in during business hours to schedule an appointment.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10am-5pm
Tuesday, Thursday 9am-5pm
Saturday, (2nd and 4th Saturday of the month) 9am -11am

We accept most insurance plans including Medicaid, and we offer Senior Citizens’ discounts.

West Louisville Dental accommodates – and welcomes – all types of people who have one thing in common: a need for good oral health. Since the health of your mouth, which includes your gums, tongue, lips as well as your teeth, is a basic health need, we try our best to meet you where you are now in your life. Then we can work together to make a plan to improve the quality of your oral health over time.



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