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What is GNS Healthy Choice Meals?

GNS Healthy Choice Meals is an affordable way to get balanced nutrition while enjoying fresh and delicious ready-to-eat meals that are designed to help you meet your health and weight goals. We also have personal trainers and workout plans available to help our customers with their fitness needs.

Is it a diet?

GNS customers are coached on how to create a life style change rather than a diet. Our meal plans provide healthy nutrition and are portion-and calorie-controlled to help customers lose weight, maintain a healthy weight or just eat a well-balanced diet.

How much does it cost?

The pricing of our meal plans are very affordable.
1200 Calorie 3-meals-a-day: $21.57 per day
1400 Calorie 3-meals-a-day: $23.00 per day (include one snack)
1700 Calorie 3-meals-a-day: $24.57 per day
2100 Calorie 3-meals-a-day: $27.14 per day (include two snacks)
400 Calorie Breakfast and Lunch Plan: $17.00 per day
600 Calorie Breakfast and Lunch Plan: $19.00 per day
400 Calorie Dinner Plan: $11.28 per day
600 Calorie Dinner Plan: $12.29 per day

Can I request meal substitutions?

We do not offer meal substitutions at this time. We do offer a “No Seafood” option which is our Healthy Choice menu with our Vegetarian meals substituted for the two meals per week which contain fish or seafood.

How much do I have to order at one time?

Long term contracts are not required, so you can order as little as a 5-day plan or as much as a 4 week plan at one time. Once purchased, 4 week plans are non-refundable. For your convenience, all orders automatically renew unless you notify our customer service department no later than 4pm on Thursdays in order to affect the following week’s order.

What is Automatic Renewal?

In order to keep things as simple as possible for our customers, we will set up your meal plan order to automatically renew every Thursday afternoon at 4pm. This is so you do not have to remember to contact us each week to keep your meal plan going.

Will I be eating the same food?

Our menus are on a five week cycle and every meal is different for the entire five weeks. Every six months we redesign the menu to include new recipes and seasonal foods.

How long will my meals keep?

Since we do not add preservatives to our foods, we recommend you eat your meals as scheduled in our menu and at regular times of the day. If you cannot eat your meals as scheduled, freeze them immediately or give them to a friend or neighbor.

Can I eat your food if I have a food allergy?

Reactions to food allergies can not only be severe but also deadly. If you have a life-threatening allergy, we do not recommend you use this service.

What much is delivery?

We add a distribution fee of $3.50/week to orders delivered to our pickup locations. Our home/office delivery option is available for Metro Louisville and Southern IN customers and starts at $28.00 per week. That charge covers two deliveries per week.

What time of day can I expect to receive my delivery?

Home deliveries are made between the hours of 2pm and 8pm. Office deliveries are made between 10am and 4pm. All deliveries are made on Monday and Thursday each week.

Can I pick up my meals?

We plan on add a number of pickup locations throughout the city. Currently the two options are delivery or you can pick up your food at DuValle Grub-N-Scrub.

Do you provide any type of coaching or support for people trying to lose weight?

GNS has a team of registered dietitians who are available for consultations, education and support. We have a menu of services you can choose from.

How do I heat up my meals?

Heating instructions will be in your meal plan bag each Monday & Thursday.

You may use a microwave, conventional oven or toaster oven to heat the components of our meals which require warming. Please be sure to transfer the food from our container to an oven safe dish if using conventional or toaster oven. Each microwave heats food at different rates, so we recommend that you begin heating your food in 1 minute increments until it reaches the desired temperature. Please note that eggs, bread products and seafood require less heating time than other items.

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