FaithWorks - Dayton, Inc (FWD) is a 501.C3 community based organization (CBO) located in the state of Ohio, the municipality of Dayton and the
county of Montgomery. The focus is human services and community development.
Our goal is to serve the needs of underserved diverse populations in youth, single parents, displaced homemakers, underemployed and unemployed in particular. FaithWorks - Dayton endeavors to accomplish its goals through partnering with government, private, corporate and social service entities in providing personal, economic, technological and community development.


Back To School Tactics: 10 Stress Free Tips

Back to school adjustments; Get a handle on social media, meals and meditation

Before the yellow school buses start their engins and the school bell rings, here are 10 tips to help students and families prepare for a smoother transition to head back to school.

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Taylor Communications Job Openings (Formerly known as Standard Register)

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Be apart and give back!

Interested in donating to the Faith Works - Dayton team and giving back to the community? Click below to donate.

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